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How does it work?

Remember the last time you couldn’t recall a specific word or an important fact? Mind Vault is a gamified flash card that incorporates spaced repetition technique to help you memorize anything with minimal effort. You simply create a card and play the flash card game. The app will ask you to recall the memory at set times based on a programmed algorithm to help make you remember it long-term (including forever) with minimal effort.

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IOS app store ready


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Public testing


Memory performance tracking feature


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Improved memory card play feature

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Download & upload feature, In-app store (to purchase more cards), In-app learning contents

Q & A

How can I trust you with my memory for such long time?

I cannot make empty promises, but this app is partly intended for research on memory over a long time span. As long as we have passionate researchers and developers who are interested in this topic, and users who continue to play the app, it will continue to be available.

Will this app remain free in the future?

The cards and tokens you have collected will be free forever. That is why there is a daily limit of 3 free cards. Depending on how the app does and the needs of our app users, this number may be increased. Ads will be sufficient to cover the expenses for the cloud storage.

Will my information be shared?

Play statistics from your data may be collected (with your consent), but the data will be used purely for research purposes to better understand our memory process.

Why only 3 cards per day. Can I have more?

Due to the cloud feature, we are starting with 3 memory cards per day. By starting with 3 we are trying to encourage mindful memorization. You will get it every day you open the app. There will be purchase feature in future if you need more.

What if I lose my data?

I will add a download/upload feature for backup in future.

Help, I accidentally deleted my cards

There is no undo feature currently. This will be available in the future with the backup download/upload feature.

How is this app different from any other flashcard or memorization app?

This app is intended to help you memorize things with minimal effort. There’s minimal upkeep needed for the cards. Once you have created a memory card, all you have to do is play it. Each card has its own memory duration (set by you) and will self-delete after that expiration date.

Will I be overwhelmed by the amount of cards in the later days?

In fact, it will be the contrary. This is because the interval spaced repetition algorithm increases exponentially (as your memory becomes more durable), and you will actually play each card only a few times in your lifetime to remember it.

How will this help in fighting brain diseases?

The collective performance data will help us better understand our memory retention. So please join and help us!

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